Tap The Power of water-based cleaners, degreasers and metalworking coolants without harmful side-effects to people or our enviroment.

Global diversified products:

Biodegradable cleaners, degreasers and metalworking fluids represent a major breakthrough by replacing ozone depleting chemicals (ODCs) with surfactants produced from non-citrus plant derivatives. For several decades, millions of dollars have been spent on research targeted at developing safe, effective, economical, environmentally sound cleaners and metalworking fluids. Now GLOBAL'S water-based chemistries let you profit from this research by providing:

- Worker Safety                                               - No water treatment problems                        - No harmful fumes or unpleasant odors  - Biodegradability                                           - Ease of disposal                                             - No ODC's VOCs or CFCs

- Maximum performance                                - Reasonable cost